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Tuesday, 11 July 2006

This is it

The time has come.

I'm finally saying goodbye to knitfreak.

You will find my new blog here, at d.knit. So far it's still pretty empty there, and don't let the banner freak you out, I just felt like something fresh. 

Hope to see you all over there at the new place!

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Thursday, 06 July 2006

Move, part II

Thank you for your comments on the Move! It does help a lot to hear various opinions on that topic.

Now, there are a few more things bothering me: when I move, should I make a fresh and new blog and start from zero, or should I try and keep all my knitfreak-postings? And if I want to keep what I wrote so far, how can I move all that to the new blog?

Geez, I think moving house is easier (and less effort) than moving blogs...



P.S.: France won last night (1:0), and will play Italy on Sunday in the finals. Allez les bleus! 

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Wednesday, 05 July 2006

Vive la France!

"Allez les bleus!"* is what the French fans shout to cheer their team on. They are playing against Portugal here in Munich tonight, and I hope they make it to the finals on Sunday!








* Les Bleus is the nickname of the French football team, meaning The Blues. So, the fans shout "Go Blues!"

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Monday, 03 July 2006


Slowly but surely, I'm running out of space on blogspirit. Of course there's the possibility of subscribing to their services, but then I'd have to pay a monthly fee for more disk space (which is the most urgent thing) and for other services that I don't know what they are, nor if I need them. Now, I'm still studying, so that's my greatest reason for not paying for any of the stuff I'm using on the internets. That's why I'm thinking of moving my blog to somewhere with lots more disk space, and where I don't have to pay for whatever it is they offer. There's the question I'm asking myself: Should I get my own homepage (although I don't know much about stuff like html and other blogging-necessary things, let alone how to get a domain), or should I stick to a blog platform? Which platform is good? Anybody out there who can recommend a blog service? I heard that blogger is pretty good... I'm wondering if it would give me freedom of design, what I can do with photos (like, have a bunch of them at miniature size and display them as one picture), how hard a move would be at all (with importing/moving my stuff from here), and that kind of stuff.

So, I guess the question goes out to my readers... is anyone of you on blogger? Did anyone move their blog? Do you have any tips or recommendations? Feel free to leave a comment, or email me at knitfreak[at]web[dot]de. Your experiences are much appreciated!

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Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Pictures, finally

Finally, finally I took a look at my camera's handbook, and found out how to take really close close-ups! (I love it. This is what I've been looking for so long. And all the time I thought my camera sucked at taking close-ups, but it doesn't!) I'm back in love with my camera, just like I was almost a year ago when I bought it. Oh, and my blog had its first birthday yesterday! Congratulations, blog! My knitting life surely has changed since I have you. I've met lots of nice people, and I have made friends with some of them. And I know, I'm not good at keeping up communication, I'm a lazy e-mailer. My friend Karin from the olden, analog days, can confirm that (Hi Karin! How ya doin? I know I owe you one... I meant to call you ever since your last email, and I will! Eventually) So, if you're waiting for an email-response from me, I haven't forgotten you. I might be thinking of you right now! And I will email you. Eventually. (I'll try and make it sooner rather than later)
Over the past year, my knitting has... grown. I had no idea how many beautiful blogs are out there, how many beautiful things to knit, how many nice yarns and knitting accessories, and that I'm not a freak when I'm willing to pay an expensive price to get beautiful yarn/wonderful needles/a gorgeous pattern/or any of these that need to be shipped here from overseas.

Like the Interweave Knits subscription... it's a fine magazine, once it gets here. (That's another story... the first issue of the subscription takes a trazillion years to get to the subscriber. I don't know if this applies only for the international subscribers, or for anybody. All other issues don't take that long any more though.) In one of their back issues, I think it's the Summer 2004, I found the Victoria Tank and decided to make it with some Rowan 4ply cotton because I couldn't find out if the original yarn from the pattern still existed. (Schoeller Esslinger Fortissima Cotton) Yes, I did ask the yarn company, but they didn't help me much. They sent me a list of shops in my area which sell their yarns, but I didn't particularly feel like going to all of them until I found that yarn. And no, the internets didn't help me much either. (And I didn't feel like ordering German yarn from a shop in the Mid-West of the US to have it shipped back to Germany, when the company that makes the yarn is about 25km/15 miles from my home town) I think it must be either sold out or discontinued or something. Anyways, the Rowan has the same length (I think), and the same gauge, or close enough. I even calculated the yardage! Can you believe that? About a year ago, I wouldn't even have known about this. Anyways, I bought 5 balls of the Rowan in blue, just in case I'd change my mind and would want to start Glampyre's Orangina, which I might make anyway. But then I'd have to find a black yarn...

Anyways, here's a picture of the Victoria Tank:


Yes, it is lace, but it's really easy! Plus, it's basically the same stitches over and over and over again, so you get used to it pretty quickly. I've just started the second ball, and I started the whole thing Sunday a week ago. Surprisingly, it knits up quite fast, but it's the only project I've been working on since I started it. But I have to get to a few other projects really soon... I want to finish some of the squares I made for Grace, and I want to make more squares. Plus, there are a few babies due in a few months, and I want to make something for them as well. Just some booties, and maybe a hat or two.

I'll leave you with two close-ups (it's close-up day today) of some Gracie-squares.


 This is some wool yarn (I forgot which one, and I'm too lazy to check) in basket weave stitch,



 and this is a cotton yarn (Catania by Schachenmayr, I think) in tulip lace stitch.

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